1. Roof trusses are produced with precision and speed using a high-volume, multi-blade component saw

6. Interior walls are secured in place and then exterior walls and roof are lowered into place.

13. Carpet and vinyl floors are installed at the plant. Ceramics, wood and laminates are installed on-site.

5. After floor beams, joists and cross braces are assembled, floor sheeting is glued and fastened.

8. All walls and ceilings are insulated. Even the smallest spaces are filled to ensure no heat loss.

10. Specialists install, then tape and finish drywall. Windows and doors are also installed at this stage.

2. Finished trusses are carefully stacked for transport to the main assembly plant.

9. Roofing material is installed using powerful and consistent air nailers.

15. All trim is measured, cut, finished and installed by experts in the trim shop.

12. Various stages of interior work, from plumbing to light fixtures, are completed.

11. If siding is selected for the exterior, it is installed at the factory.

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16. The finished modules are wrapped to protect them from the elements and loaded on trailers for transport.

3. Inside the 100,000 sq. ft. main plant, interior partition walls are built

14. With installation of custom cabinetry, the heart of the new home begins to come to life.

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4. Exterior walls are made in a jig that applies pressure to ensure they are perfectly square.

7. Plumbing, ventilation and electrical services, as well as fireplaces, tubs and showers are installed next.