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  1. Components are assembled indoors, so there are never weather-related delays.

  2. Efficient assembly line methods maximize worker output and minimize material waste.

  3. No margins need to be built in for on-site security or material loss to theft.

  4. Framing timbers remain kiln dry and are not susceptible to warping, swelling or mold caused by rain and snow. As a result, factory built homes are more energy efficient.

  5. Manufactured homes are built to the same municipal codes as housing constructed on-site.

  6. A licenced building inspector certifies each home before it leaves the plant.

  7. Factory built homes can be sold at a guaranteed price which means no cost overruns.

  8. Ready-made plans are available in countless styles and sizes, from vacation cottages to mansions. Any plan may be modified to suit your needs.

  9. You can build your custom dream home of your own design based on rough plans or ideas.

  10. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay.

Avi Friedman, an associate professor and director of the Affordable Homes Program at McGill University, estimates the number of manufactured homes sold in Canada currently account for 15% of total housing starts, compared to 43% in the United States (not including mobile homes) and 90% in Sweden.

Clearly, people in many countries are turning to modular as an alternative to “subdivision” housing or expensive custom-designed homes. They recognize building with modular technology provides superior quality housing that cannot be distinguished from site-built homes, but can be built faster and at lower cost.

It takes more than a tightly built and well insulated structure to make a home comfortable. Fresh, clean air circulating throughout your home is also important, both for your comfort and for your health. That's why every home offered by Instant Wholesale Homes includes a mechanical ventilation system known as a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) included as standard equipment. The benefits to your family include:

Removal of many airborne pollutants like tobacco, smoke, pollen, dust, cat and dog dander, dust mites and many of the chemicals released from carpets, adhesives, paint and other building materials are removed.

Built-in humidity control. The system is designed to automatically increase the air exchange rate when humidity levels rise. This controls moisture levels in your home and significantly reduces condensation on your windows.

Fresh outdoor air is continuously drawn into your home to replace stale indoor air which is exhausted outside. Heat is recovered from the exhaust air and transferred to the fresh air as it enters your home, so improving your indoor air quality doesn't mean wasting energy.

Living in an Instant Wholesale Home built by Rubix is easier on your wallet and on the environment. The energy efficiency of factory built homes helps reduce costs and preserves precious natural resources while cutting down on harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Careful attention to detail in the construction of the building envelope and the use of high performance windows, low consumption fixtures and high efficiency heat recovery systems means your family will stay warmer in winter and cooler in the summer, and your utility bills will be lower.

Assumption: Modular homes are somehow inferior to on-site homes.

Fact: Factory built homes are in fact superior. They are built using the same materials but use more exacting and efficient construction methods than traditionally built homes, and are built stronger to endure transportation.

​Your home, Your design

We believe your dream home should meet your unique needs and individual preferences. That's why we provide the greatest possible flexibility and choice. Start with a standard floor plan and make the changes you'd like, bring us plans or drawings or just your ideas and we'll turn your vision into reality.

Our homes are custom designed to suit your taste. We offer a broad range of interior and exterior finishes to ensure you have the selection you need to personalize your home.

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